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Unicorn SPiT Founding Memberships Now Available

Michille Nicole is proud to announce that she has partnered with 

The Society of Decorative Painters to create a special membership base called USM   (Unicorn SPiT Member).


A 1-year Membership is ONLY $50.

This is your chance to become a Founding Member of USM.




Hours: 8:00am - 7:00pm EST Mon - Fri


Eclectic Products  990 Owen Loop North

Eugene, OR 97402-9121   1-800-693-4667

Hours: 9:30am - 7:00pm EST Mon - Fri

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3D Smash Pour with Unicorn SPiT

3D Smash Pour

In this video Michelle Nicole shows you how you can utilize the staining, glazing and painting powers of Unicorn SPiT at one time allowing water to make artistic magic.  


Unicorn SPiT : WINE CABINET / Treasure Coast Patina

Box Wine Cabinet

Follow along as Michelle Nicole turns a pine wine box caddy / beverage dispenser into a beautiful piece of art. This technique can be applied to so many surfaces. Chests, dresses, headboards, tables, chairs, signs or anything you can imagine.  

Watercolor with UNicorn Spit

How to Watercolor with Unicorn SPiT

Follow along as Mark Montano takes average watercolor paper & turns it into beautiful watercolor postcards!  Diluting Unicirn SPiT to make this DIY watercolor is  super fun, super easy & super inexpensive to make!  

cabinet refinishing

Cabinet refinishing with Unicorn SPiT

Follow along as I take average honey wood stained kitchen cabinets and turn them into anything but mundane!  Making custom cabinets is just so fun & easy. The colorful & unique look you get is so amazing! There are so many color combinations you can do. The sky's the limits! I hope you enjoy this How to Unicorn SPiT Kitchen Cabinets Tutorial Video! 

Oil Slick Your Boots !

Michelle Nicole shows you how to do a fun Oil Slick look on a pair of five dollar yard sale boots. You can take your old cowboy boots and give them new life with a sparkling, oil slick design! Using Midnight's Blackness Unicorn SPiT and SPARKLiNG UNiCORN SPiT you can make any design you'd like.