UNiCORN SPiT - Why, What, Where & How?

Invented With Love

As a wide-eyed 17-year-old, Michelle Nicole visited Kansas City from Anthony,  New  Mexico  then  permanently moved to Kansas City when she was 21 to live with  her  older  brother,  Tony.  Tony  owned  and operated an adult daycare center in Kansas City, Kansas. This was a place where the elderly and disabled community could go to get out of the house and hang out with other people.  Michelle  soon  found  herself  spending a lot of time with the folks. She found a great deal of joy being around them. Noticing that some folks got bored during the day, Michelle decided to start having arts and craft days. They made several of the basic things you’d expect – macaroni pictures, hook rugs and the like. Michelle took note that the men didn’t seem to participate and just kind of turned their noses to the projects. Here is an interesting story about how an arts and crafts project for an adult daycare became an underground sensation. One afternoon, Michelle found a desk on the side of the road and decided to pick it up and bring it back to the center for the men to work on. Wouldn’t you know it, the men were very interested in working with their hands again. They sanded that desk down and made it look new, but naked. Well, Michelle is not a black and white person or brown in this case. She’s more of a “the more color the better, happy little cloud” type. Michelle wanted color and lots of it. The folks refused to paint real wood. Everyone started coming up with ideas to get the color they desired. Everything from beet juice to powdered juice mix were tried. These things worked OK, but what no one expected was the way the lights came back on in the eyes of men at the center. Michelle noticed and began a mission to get everyone’s lights back on. She brought more roadside jewels and  got  more  men  and  women  working  on these fun projects. The more projects they completed, the more alive people became. People who once sat in the corner watching the walls all day were wanting in on the action. One man who still stands out above all the  others  is  Mr.  Johnny  Boone.  Mr.  Boone had severe multiple sclerosis and couldn’t hold a paint brush, even though Michelle tried taping them to his hands. She found that while he could not hold a paint brush, he could use the side of his hand to manipulate the stains into fun patterns. With this information, arose the need for something non toxic and safe for the skin. Back to the lab again. Through several rounds of trial and error, Michelle finally figured out a vibrantly colorful stain that worked, was safe to be used on the skin, smells like jasmine and helped the beautiful men and 

women find  a  part  of  themselves  they’d seemingly lost. This sparked the desire for art therapy inducing physical therapy, as well. Many unique techniques were also formed to help her folks use their ABILITIES to create very  unique  abstract  art! Michelle found that people of all ages benefited from playing with the yet unnamed product.  From  Michelle’s  oldest  son  John, who has ADHD, to her friend’s son Joe, with autism,  men  and  women  with  dementia  and Alzheimers, to an 80+ year old man whose hands didn’t work - everyone’s light came on. What a  happy  little  miracle!  Michelle’s  heart and passion to see that look on peoples face became  front  and  center. Michelle  continued  working  at  the  facility until  2013  when  federal  budget  cuts  forced the center to shut down. This didn’t detract her  from  her  mission.  Now  her  love  for refinishing furniture became a means to survive and feed her boys. She worked tirelessly to knock out and refinish as much as she could, perfecting her colorful stain, glaze and paint combo in the process. Not long after, people started to take notice of  her  one-off  creations  and  were  even more in awe of the color and the THREE DIMENSIONAL EFFECT she was getting. In February of 2015, Unicorn SPiT™ was born!  The  demand  for  the  color  was  greater than her furniture business, so Michelle decide to put down the sander and pick up the whisk. Selling off most of her own furniture, electronics and anything else of value so she could give the world the first ever Functional Art Therapy CREATiVE JUiCE™, Michelle put every penny she had into buying supplies to brew her unique concoction. She spent countless hours on social media singing its praises and finally getting a fan base built up of SPiTTERS!, as they affectionately call themselves. Through it all, one things still drives Michelle and that’s the light in peoples eyes when they use the product. Art therapy is, and always will be, the reason Unicorn SPiT  exists. From a fun arts and crafts project to a real life business that employees 7 people full time, Unicorn SPiT has become a family of loving, caring people who all have a like mind and  love  to  help  others.  The  mission  for  the company remains the same and that is hope, creativity,  and  healing. While the business has become exactly that, Michelle still makes sure that the focus remains on that light. Each and every month Unicorn SPiT gives out complete sets to qualified  people,  schools,  businesses  and nursing homes in an effort to reach and heal more people. The outreach of love from those touched by Unicorn SPiT is sometimes the only thing that gets Michelle out of bed every day. She reads every email and letter personally and replies to them as she can. They mean the world to the SPiT family. It is after all, what SPiT’s about. Unicorn SPiT Creator/Founder

Who invented UNiCORN SPiT?